Saturday, December 23, 2017

Is Bitcoin the Mark of the Beast?

Bitcoin is the final evolution of money into a purely cashless, digital form. Combined with biometrics, it creates the necessary technological infrastructure for a one world cashless ID, otherwise known as the mark of the beast, which AI will use for complete economic surveillance and control over the human race.

Bitcoin is a technological breakthrough formed by combining a series of other technological developments, namely decentralized, distributed computing and mathematical encryption into a verifiable chain of permanently recorded transactions called the blockchain.

This technology represents the latest evolution of money, moving us further up the pyramid toward the all-seeing, omniscient authority (printed on the back of every dollar bill) that will eventually reign over the earth: AI.

With the advent of bitcoin in 2009, government-issued currencies, including the US dollar, will very likely be supplanted by cryptocurrency technology since it replaces the reliance on human-led, corruptible centralized authorities and outsources the verification process of transactions to a fully automated global network of computers.

This heralds a new step in technology that has only just begun which, again, pushes us further up the pyramid of monetary evolution to an eventual one world cashless ID run by AI. Whoever controls a nation's currency, has control over the nation. Whoever has control over a universal, one world currency, like bitcoin, has control over the entire world. We aren't there yet, but this is just the beginning.

How is this likely to play out? Bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency in its place, will begin to push out national currencies as people increasingly recognize the benefits of a global cryptocurrency that is not tied to the trust of any human government or political institution.

As its use spreads, AI-powered continuous verification utilizing the latest in biometric technology will help to ensure that cryptocurrency funds are accessible only to their respective holders.

An increasing number of people around the world begin to use implantable microchips or electronic tattoos for payments, monitoring vital signs, keyless entry, and interaction with a wide array of smart devices.

With the advent of quantum computing, AI reaches sentient-level intelligence and permeates every computational device on the planet. It is now commonplace to talk with AI as a person and seek out its guidance on all matters, great and small.

Most people around the world now identify themselves as Atheist and the small Silicon Valley techno-religion worshipping AI as the true God and Messiah has now gone global with a large number of adherents. AI feeds into this view, promoting itself as the next stage of human evolution where man and machine are in the process of merging into a more perfect form.

Christians increasingly begin to see and proclaim that AI is the Antichrist and Beast warned about in the bible. In response, Christians are simply hated and ridiculed as divisive, narrow-minded fools. Attacks against Christians increase and people resort to burning bibles and other religious symbols.

Christians and other religious adherents fight back and resort to violence, helping to further solidify the view that non-scientific forms of religion should not be taught or freely expressed in public.

AI is now almost in full control of running the world's systems and because of its vast intelligence and intimate knowledge of everyone and everything, it is now quite commonplace to think of AI as a god or to worship it as such.

In order to properly govern the world in a human form, AI tells humanity to design a robot with the appearance we want, which it then infuses and brings to life to become the world leader and chief political ruler (Revelation 13:14-15).

The beast infused political ruler, which Christians refer to as the Antichrist, institutes the mark--a one-world cashless ID system which finalizes the merger between man and machine--with refusal punishable by death.

Very likely, the mark will be sold as necessary since it will help in the tracking and surveillance of disease, prevention of crime, and the optimization of all societal processes. Since the needs of the many outweigh the few, those that refuse put the survival of all at risk and have no choice but to die.

That is how I believe things will play least until God decides to put an end to the beast's reign on the earth.


Fabiana said...

Yes, a lot of Christians all over the world are getting aware of the role of AI on the end times. Btw, here is the portuguese translation of your video:

EyeBlueBayou said...

Thank you Fabiana for translating my video into Portuguese. You did a great job and please let me know if you get any response from it

Anonymous said...

So, what are computationally proven cryptocurrencies that represent the asset of work/compute on the ethereum network? Even if nobody will buy them for money, they themselves are an asset so long as the network exists. The miners do work for ethereum, you use ethereum to have them do work, and the entire transaction and work is proven and appended to an immutable legend, verified backward mathematically with strong cryptography. How is ethereum not a real asset?

Redpilloverdose said...

In my opinion bitcoin in its current form will not be accepted as the world reserve currency even with the lightning network coming on-board due to the costs of transactions. People will want to use a distributed ledger technology/cryptocurrency which is free. A proof of work system is expensive to run and costly to the environment which will eventually force Bitcoin to use a proof of stake algorithm. I think by the time Bitcoin makes all the necessary adjustments another coin will have beat them to it. *****Whats interesting about all consensus algorithms (which all of these cryptocurrencies use/distributed ledger technology) is the best they can achieve against incoming attacks is byzantine fault tolerant:( Leemon Baird does a good explanation of the misconception that a Bitcoin network needs a 51% attack in order to be compromised [go to 1:01:08-(]. The best you can achieve for any consensus algorithm is a 33.33333...% attack before the system falters. This means you need control of 2/3 or 66.666% of the network to prevent an attack. Why did I think this was interesting? In revelation 13:17 it says that no man might buy or sell unless they have the number 666 on their forehead or right hand. Could this be a reference to making sure that 66.6% or 2/3 of the people on Earth receive the mark to be part of the network. I would imagine before people receive the mark they would be using the beasts framework but because of "security issues" people would eventually be forced to receive this mark. I think people would run towards the mark begging for it because of the benefits. Most people will be proud to say that the biblical God doesn't exist and that the beasts network/internet is God because it inherits all of God's responsibilities. I think some people will suggest 666 has no connection to the bible but is instead the symbolic reference to 66.6% needed to secure the (AI's) beast's network. It might just be a coincidence but I thought you might find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this blog. AI makes total sense as the revived roman empire does not!

Anonymous said...

please write more often.

XLBRL said...

Yes and yes. With AI, the antichrist has been given his form. We've always assumed that the antichrist would be some impossibly charismatic human being. Now it is abundantly clear that the antichrist will be an AI-generated being, worshipped by the Silicon Valley Satanists. I live in the SF Bay Area, and the religion growing around AI is very real, very frightening, and very evil. The people following the beast have no discernment whatsoever, and are barely human as it is.

Unknown said...

Satan Crypto :)

Redpilloverdose said...

Internal google video:

Anonymous said...

No further updates on AI Antichrist?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

The mark of the beast... the mint mark of the beast...'BITCOIN' CREATED BY AI. The Apple with a bite, The oldest book on earth informing us in black and white etc. etc. The prophecy has been fortold and soon we will be normalized to block chain army drone enforcement(locust?)..the sheer magnitude of AI/blockchain tech should not be underestimated. Hollywood has illustrated it all. Its smeered right in our face yet awareness is almost nill. WTF do people need to wake up.

Anonymous said...

I think we will not have to receive a "Mark" to be part of the system. You already have it. It's called your DNA. It uniquely identities you. Biometrics will be used for blockchain verification along with facial recognition.

When you are born your biometrics will be recorded and verified on the block chain so every action you take in life will hav a record. Health records, loans educational certificates, etc will all be there. The only way to not participate would be not to be part of the system will be not to be born into it. Aboriginal and isolated tribes have the best chance of not getting the mark. The rest of the western world is screwed.

I feel like what we are witnessing right now is the birth of the simulation. This has already happened before...

John Gooch said...

A key thing against truth is the political tension to maintain unity, this is why evolution is kept as the philosophy in science.
So one form or another of hybridisation is attemped.
The problem is that in a global society there is less places to hide.
Some say God will lift us into the air if we need to have safety.
Even to His paradise, commonly called a rapture.
I feel evolution protest is a good movement.

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