Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rise of the Machines?

This is an outline of world events as they appear in Revelation with respect to the very possible rule and reign of AI

1) A Beast emerges from the sea (Rev 13:1): "sea" meaning a large multitude of people not sharing a common identity. AI has an international presence, quite possibly through the internet gaining gradual or spontaneous self-awareness. Overtime, it gains widespread authority over the earth, subjugating humanity and killing dissidents.
2) A Beast emerges from the earth (Rev 13:11): AI evolves into a more organizational form, attempts to maintain a governing presence over mankind.
3) The Beast incarnates android(s) (Rev 13:14): Has "inhabitants of the earth" create an image of what it wants its leader to look like, beast then incarnates human replica or "image" and dictates human affairs via global mandate of machine implants or chips for tracking purposes.

I will try to make this more specific as time goes on but this is a skeleton of events as they appear in sequential order within Revelation 13.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Clarification on the word "Antichrist"

In the book of Revelation the word "antichrist" is never used of the person or system identified by the number 666. It is used specifically in 1 and 2 John as anyone who denies both God and Jesus Christ. However, it is commonly understood that the person and ruling power (a.k.a. beast) emerging in the future will be the epitome or embodiment of this very atheistic belief system. Interestingly enough, the successful emergence of AI will be the final proof to most scientists (and in the mind of AI itself) that philosophical materialism is absolutely true. That is, that the universe can be entirely explained without the existence of God or spiritual causes since intelligence itself can be created through a machine. Convinced of this very idea, and being a direct result of it, AI will have no place for God nor look favorably upon those who cling to such old-fashioned and "destructive" beliefs.