Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Mark of the Beast

COMMENT:  It appears to me that if we (meaning humanity in general - including bible believing Christians) have come so seamlessly to accept ubiquitous things as smartphones, social media platforms, etc--trends that are unlikely to stop--what is it that will keep believers from taking the "mark (of the Beast)"/chip?


REPLY:  I agree, humanity is slowly merging with machine and I believe the mark written about in Revelation is the final act in making that merger complete, which AI will enforce as a means of establishing its authority over mankind via commerce. 

As this merger continues, though before we reach that final point, an increasing number of Christians will begin to seek off-grid living situations, as some, including many non-Christians, already do because they "feel" something is not right. The Amish are just one example of how a large group of Christians responded to a pace of modernity they weren't comfortable with in the past--this will happen again but probably on a larger scale (not without persecution of course). Most will find the allure, seduction, and convenience of technology too great, not too mention that you'll have no choice. Cash is already being eliminated in places around the globe so you have to use a credit card or cell phone. People already have chips implanted for all sorts of things and this will become more commonplace in the years ahead.

Whether the mark is a chip or something more invasive like an injection of nanobots that fill your bloodstream and connect you wirelessly to the Beast, it's hard to say but, whatever it is, we know it is irreversible and can't be undone.


Anonymous said...

When I was a little kid I thought the mark would have to be forced on people. Now it seems most folks will be begging for it.

Anonymous said...

FFF Enterprises is also located in Temecula, CA

They make public vaccinations and other immunizations as well as other weird things but my main point here is that F is also the 6th letter of the alphabet people
I also don't think it's so much technology or AI to blame because there has to be a man or woman whome takes or assumes full responsibilty of it...

Unknown said...

money, anything material is the chip.. there will be no chips in your hand.. you alareay have one.. its in your phone and in your wallet

stop waiting for the chip in your hand

YOu are serving mammon.. Jesus was not a capitalist

Read a book called Oahspe if you care about the truth. Get the thick version on Ebay. not the multi book white version or kindle. If you have any questions that you do not understand, ask me.